Wilson Area Arts Council Mission

We encourage and support arts education for students across Portland.

We currently focus on one event called Creativity NEXT which inspire students on what they can do when they harness their creative genius.

Until 2016 we focused on students in SW Portland in schools feeding into Wilson High School:Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 8.50.32 PM

  • Sponsoring or hold arts events, centered around students.
  • Connecting people together in the community interested in supporting the arts
  • Fundraising
  • Advocating that a student’s education is not complete without the arts and creative development
  • Believing that life is better with music, art, drama, dance, or other types of artistic or creative expression.

In 2015-16 we talked with parents and schools to understand what is needed to support arts in education.  With the Portland arts tax in place, our schools are including more arts in education than we have seen in many years!

Have ideas for new offers?

But there could always be work to do to augment what we have. Do you have ideas?

Contact us if you have something to share!