About us

In 2004, the Portland Public Schools made deep budget cuts resulting in the loss of many arts programs and classes. Our community came together at that time and helped to bring back a music program at Wilson High School. That’s how we started.  For many years, we have been supporting all the schools that feed into Wilson High School with programs, grants, events, and fundraisers.  Starting in the summer of 2016, we have changed our mission and are launching a new initiative.  See our Creativity NEXT site for more details.

Our 2017 board members

Keith Crawford
Liz Garnand
Jules Moorhouse
Carolyn Grill

If you are curious about how you can make a difference, please do contact us at wilsonartsorg@gmail.com.

Other information

WAAC is an independent, volunteer run, non-profit organization that supports, but is not endorsed or sponsored by Portland Public Schools.

In support of Portland Public Schools District policy prohibiting discrimination on the basis of age, color, creed, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation (BP 1.80.020-P), the activities of WAAC are open to participation by all Wilson High School cluster community members, including parents, teachers, staff, and students.

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